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Bubble Spinner Flash Game is one of the most addictive puzzle games today. Your mission is to pop all bubbles. But don’t rush, your every move is very important and needs strategic thinking. Another trick is that the bubbles are spinning all the time, so choosing the right place for the strike is a bit difficult. You will have to use all your patience and think twice before acting if [...]

Bubble Spinner 2 is the second version of the popular bubble shooting puzzle game. There are some changes between this version and the previous one. The fist change is the better graphics and better physics of the game. If you have played the previous version, you will see the changes by yourself. The mission of the game stays the same- shoot all the bubbles as soon as possible. Don’t forget [...]

Fruit Faces is a new funny bubble shooting game, where instead of bubbles you have to shoot fruits. The graphics of the game are very bright and the gameplay is awesome. Your mission is to match 2 or more similar fruits to make the disappear. When there is no fruits left of the board, you win the round. The game is new and I am sure you will enjoy the [...]

The game called Bubble Dropper starts at the bottom of the ocean. Like any other bubble-shooting game, you have to collect 3 or more like colored bubbles to make then vanish. Your mission is to pop all bubbles before they reach the top. There are many interesting levels in the game, so I am sure you will spend great time playing Bubble Dropper.

Bubble Collapse is a funny bubble-shooting game with a nice graphics and amazing gameplay. There are 4 regions of sea, that you have to unlock during the game. As I have already said, the graphics is really amazing and I am sure you will have great time playing the game. All you need to play Bubble Collapse is mouse.

To win in this game, you should make all candies vanish. Use your mouse to shoot candies. The most tricky thing is that you have to match 2 or more similar candies to make them disappear. To play this game you should use mouse.  The game has rather low graphics, so I would not recommend it for those who want to play game with amazing 3D graphics. Bubble Spinner is [...]

Obama Bubbles is very funny bubble shooting game. Here, instead of different-colored balls, there are some balls with different icons, for example with icon of Bible,Constitution book, Shield, American Dollars and others. To win in this game you have to pop all the bubbles as soon as it is possible. If you win all the levels, that means that you have won in the elections.  The game is really funny, [...]

Bubble Cannon 2 is a very interesting puzzle game. The game will be easy for those who like playing Billiards, because here when you shoot bubbles using your bubble cannon, each bubble have number on it and with every touch it becomes less. For example, when you first shoot a bubble, it has number 3 on it, but when the matching bubble touch it, it becomes number 2 , then [...]

Bouncing Balls is a traditional bubble-shooting game,  where you have to shoot the bubbles in such way, that 3 or more bubbles should match and pop. You should do this as quickly as it is possible, because as time passes, the bubbles slowly move down the screen, and if they reach the bottom you will lose the match.  Pop all bubbles from the screen to move to the next level [...]

In Yeti Bubbles you have you are situated in a globule and your mission is to clear the exit spot by shooting bubbles. You have to make 3 or more similar bubbles match to throw them down. The game is very addictive because you have to act quickly, the bubbles are coming down every second. Have fun playing Yeti Bubbles flash game at this page.

Bubble spinner is one of the most appealing diversions that bubble-shooting and other friv online games offer, which can relieve stress even for a minute. One of the good points of the game is that it can be readily played and it doesn't need long download hours before you can actually play. It is easy enough that even younger gamers can follow, but it still requires some amount of strategy if you want to get high score (or the highest score).

The object of the game is actually simple. All you need is to eliminate all the bubbles by shooting a bubble to join the same color group. You need to have a minimum of three bubbles with the same color to be able to pop them out of the screen. If you think fast enough and you can see things out of the ordinary, then you will be able to detect certain openings wherein you can shoot a bubble that can make almost all of them disappear.

You think that's all? Wait until you get to the part where it becomes more complicated when the whole bubbles platform turns around. You need to think a perfect strategy in order to come out victorious. Most gamers try to beat the registered highest score as they play along. There is a certain feeling of fulfillment when someone sees her or his name on the top of the list.

The Trick in Playing to Succeed
Although there are gamers who play bubble spinner just to let time pass by, there are also serious gamers who want to be on the top of the list. If you are a gamer who thinks it is an honor to be on the top of the list, then you need to develop certain level of skill in order to achieve your goal.

It will require avoiding senseless clicks. Each time you click your mouse; there should be a certain goal which can help you achieve your not-so ulterior motive. Strategy is important in order to win, and you must not think that the game will let you achieve your goal easily. Expect certain difficulties which can only make you more determined to play and win.

A very good trick is that you should train yourself to think ahead upon seeing the colors of the bubbles. Don't focus your attention on certain spot on the board, but try to look at the whole picture instead. Sometimes, you need to aim at a certain open space in order to eliminate many bubbles (and that is the basic idea of the game). Take your time (but don't take so long), point then release the bubble while thinking of the next thing to do. Use the angles at your advantage. Be calculative as to where your bubbles will go when you try to make it bounce off the wall.

Another good thing about bubble spinner is that there is no time limit which can make you lose your presence of mind, but you still need to think deeper than you usually do in order to win it. Plan your moves with decisiveness and it will lead you to your coveted top spot.

If you happen to miss the opportunity, there is always next time and make sure to do better. Don't give up, get even! Bubble spinner will always be waiting for you until you nail that spot.